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Do I need extra training to become a help desk technician when I have a CS degree? Are there any useful pieces of knowledge or skills I should try to acquire?

Do I need extra training to become a help desk technician when I have a CS degree? Are there any useful pieces of knowledge or skills I should try to acquire?

In a smaller organization, you may have additional responsibilities and report directly to the chief information officer or chief technology officer. A help desk support professional is often the first point of contact for people who need help using their electronics or network. Some of your responsibilities relate to customer service while others have to do with technical fixes. Training can be completed in as little as a few months and it involves gaining a thorough understanding of computer hardware and software. Additionally, these roles also benefit from courses and experiences that work on building strong communication skills. The Association for Computing Machinery is a professional organization that provides opportunities for people in computing to interact with each other and advance the field. You can join ACM as an student member, which allows you to attend events but not vote or hold office, or you can become a regular member after you graduate.

  • As you consider the next move in your IT career, check back with CompTIA to learn more about your job prospects and how to get there.
  • While technicians will mostly be responsible for hardware and some software repair support, analysts will often need to be able to establish and troubleshoot entire networks and servers as well.
  • Empathy is a taught ability that does not come easily to everyone.
  • Learn the answers to the most frequently asked questions about becoming a help desk support professional below.
  • Understanding and proactive maintenance of daily system performance, the ability to diagnose client problems, and natural follow-up and follow-through abilities are all key components of the help desk support position.
  • There are a list of courses that cover administration of Office 365 for businesses as well as security and troubleshooting in Office 365.
  • Finally, they must able to explain technology to individuals from non-technical backgrounds.

I took the network + class here because I want to take the test just to “fatten up” the resume. The skills taught in this class are so very applicable to what I do. Take the advice they offer here, network, volunteer, create a network for testing at home, and don’t give up. I left policing for this 2 years ago and it has been the best career decision I’ve ever made. I also know someone who went from being totally broke to becoming a senior network engineer with a 6-figure salary within 24 months. That guy went on to become a systems engineer for some of the top tech giants of the world.

What is the career outlook for a help desk support professional?

The program content is very impressive with focus on applied learning and has been structured to address real world requirements. The hands-on assessments have been designed to simulate the actual experiences of IT Support. IT Help Desk technicians play a pivotal role in running any company. They help support business end-users and make sure that the enterprise technology that organisations rely on to do business remains up-to-date and runs as consistently and smoothly as it should.

Though, a basic familiarity with computers and networks is a plus. This course covers how to use ServiceNow to build and manage workflows in your organization.

IT Help Desk Technician responsibilities include:

Service providers provide WAN, Internet connectivity, and other services to customers. Usually, VARs advise customers on which service provider and type of connectivity to use for their specific needs. Sure, some people choose to stay in entry-level roles (that’s what they claim, but secretly daydream about moving up) for most or all of their careers; nothing wrong with that. But, there are also people who skyrocket through the industry as if they were cruising through outer space. However, many people get stuck in entry-level positions for years!

“Budget Friendly All-in-One Suite” – Our business has benefited from 500apps’ ability to keep track of everything that is relevant. From managing customers and leads to keeping track of our customers. Another characteristic that every help desk technician should have is the ability to pay attention to detail.

Free Systems Administration Training Courses (Cybrary)

The job allows you to get your foot in the door for higher positions, such as an IT manager, a network administrator or an IT security specialist. The great aspect to starting as help desk engineer a help desk technician are the opportunities to expand into other IT roles. This is a good position to gain experience, network, and develop a professional resume while working.

how to become a help desk engineer

Active listening abilities are the easiest method to become more sympathetic. When actively listening, you should be able to repeat what has just been spoken. As you improve your active listening abilities, you’ll realize that end-users will give you almost all you need to know to solve their problem. This not only increases empathy but also allows you to acquire more knowledge while asking fewer questions. Being able to technically evaluate a scenario is essential for resolving end-user issues and excelling as a help desk technician. To properly assess an end user’s problem, you must ask specific questions about what they are experiencing.

Bachelor of Science in Network Technology: Cisco

ComputerCavalry LLC is a provider of computer classes ranging from basic computer skills to advanced IT courses. This course helps you understand VPN terms and technologies, so you can configure a custom VPN solution. It covers protocols such as PPTP, L2TP over IPSec, OpenVPN, SSTP, and WireGuard, and shows how to use SSH to secure data travelling between systems.

How does a help desk work?

Many companies use software to queue and process customer queries. The client might open a ticket on the organization’s website, where they describe the complaint or question. Depending on the organization’s workflow, the help desk support person usually spends some time opening and responding to these tickets. They may need to research the problem before contacting the client with a resolution. Although they frequently provide a written reply, help desk support specialists occasionally interact with the client in real time, either traveling to their location, getting them on a phone call or conducting a video conference. When the client’s issue gets resolved, the help desk support person records a description of the interaction and resolution.

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