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Korean Marriage Practices

Korean Marriage Practices

Traditionally, Korean marriage customs are grounded in Confucian values. These kinds of values place family over marriage. Therefore , new marriages are not expected to interact too tightly with in-law families. Nevertheless , the custom of parent-child relationships remains important.

The bride and groom traditionally go to the groom’s relatives first. The fogeys with the groom consult the parents of your bride to marry. In addition they provide the bridal party with gift ideas and alcoholic beverages. These types of gifts stand for happiness and virility.

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Through the ceremony, the bride and groom present gifts to each other and to their loved ones. Their gift items are usually cash or different items that work for the couple’s future.

In addition, they perform a ritual known as pye-baek. This kind of tradition is definitely followed by a marriage feast. They serve food to their families and also other guests. Their friends also provide them with gift items. The presents is often small or large.

The gift ideas are placed in a pack called hahm. The elements could incorporate expensive products. They can also include the couple’s own money. In prior times, the couple’s parents could hardly take the hahm until among the been treated by gift giver.

One more traditional Korean wedding custom sexy korean women may be a celebration referred to as seong-hon-rye. It is just a short formal procedure that is certainly followed by meals. During this wedding ceremony, the couple makes a profound bow. Then they drink ceremonial wine and share that with their families.

The groom’s friends and family presents the bride’s family with presents and alcoholic beverages. They also carry sweets designed for the bridal party.

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