About Us


Who we are

Filta.ng is Nigeria’s largest online store for quality Home Decor and Building Materials. We are tech and innovation-driven, and we promise to help you find exactly what you need to make your home a better one.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a platform where Nigerians can purchase quality products at affordable prices, thereby bridging the gap between local traders and there Target Market(Nigerian Populace).

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the No 1 eCommerce platform in Nigeria by 2025, while creating wealth for Nigerian local traders, and ensuring that the Nigerian populace get value for their money, thus giving everyone a better home.

Our Partners

Our major partners are both local and foreign merchants who produces goods that are focused on uplifting the Nigerian masses.

We also have foreign investors who are passionate about Cryptocurrency and focused on seeing the impact in commerce in Africa.


2016 - 2017

In 2016 during my Industrial Training(IT) attachment at Tons Development ltd, I was able to compile a database of all the major building materials in Nigeria. It did came along with their respective prices and pictures. You can download it here.

Due to the massive response that I get about the database from students, lecturers and construction professionals, I decided to produce the 2017 version which was even more detailed. The feedback that I got on the updated version was mind-blowing, as it has been downloaded by over 38,000 people. Click here to download a copy.


In 2018, after making some analysis of our database, we decided to create a business listing platform where Nigerians could located trusted professionals.  We listed over 500 merchants and we were able to get a couple of them new customers. You can access the website here Hire.filta.ng.


In 2019 ,we did get a lot  of request from students and construction industry professionals that they needed the needed the update version of our building materials database.

However, the merchants had earlier complain that a lot of people have been calling to ask for price without buying. So to bridge this gap we decided to  create an eCommerce platform where Nigerians can see current prices of building materials and as well make purchases.

And this is our current projection, Filta.NG – Your one stop platform for quality Home Decor, Furnitures, and Building Materials.

Our Team

Meet the awesome people delivering great result with this project.