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Live Chicken


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Live Chicken

Fun Facts: Many people think chickens are vegetarians, but besides eating seeds, grass, and grain, they will catch and eat insects, lizards, toad, and even field mice. Everyone with backyard chickens can attest to the fact that their chickens know them and each member of their family. They can even recognize different animals too, such as your dogs and cats. Chickens also remember places and different members of their flock, even after months apart, Many believe that chickens have poor vision and are colorblind, but in fact, their color vision is better than humans due to a well-organized eye with five types of light receptors enabling them to see many colors in any given part of the retina. Chickens, like humans and other mammals, have a REM (rapid eye movement) phase of sleeping, which signifies dreaming. However, they also have another sleep phase that humans lack, called USWS (unihemispheric slow-wave sleep), where one half of the brain is sleeping while the other half is awake. Chickens can literally sleep with one eye open, an evolutionary adaptation that lets that watch for predators while they slumber.

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