Point and Kill Catfish

Fun Facts:  Catfish is a type of fish that belongs to the group of ray-finned fish. There are more than 3000 species of catfish that can be found on all continents except on the Antarctica. Catfish inhabits freshwater ecosystems such as rivers and streams. Some species of catfish are adapted to the life in salt waters and caves.They are one of the most farmed types of fish (their meat is consumed as delicacy around the world). Some types of catfish (such as Mekong catfish) are critically endangered due to overfishing and pollution of the water.Smallest species of catfish (banjo catfish) is only 0.39 inches long. Largest species (Mekong catfish) can reach nearly 9 feet in length and 646 pounds of weight.Catfish can be silver, grey, white, tan, green or yellow colored, depending on the species.Entire body of catfish is covered with taste buds that can detect chemicals in the water and respond to touch. Greatest concentration of sensory organs is located on the whiskers, also known as barbels.


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