Sherry Kuli Kuli


Sherry Kuli Kuli


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Sherry Kuli kuli (otherwise known as groundnut cookie) is made from Bida, Niger State, Nigeria.

It’s made from natural ingredients like; groundnut, garlic, ginger, turmeric, and onions, etc. which helps to detoxify the body system.

Below are various ways to eat or combine Sherry Kuli Kuli.

  • You can consume it very early in the morning with water or honey
  • You can take it with soft drinks like malt or coca-cola in the afternoon
  • You can share it with your kids as refreshment before the normal meal gets prepared
  • Elderly ones can enjoy the evening with a bottle of beer, wine.

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Fun fact: Kuli Kuli or groundnut cake helps in memory boost, fertility, blood sugar regulation, and in fighting depression.

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